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Skypuzzler enables the safe conduct of multiple autonomous drones, scaling the drone industry and indirectly contributing to the green transition.

What we do

What we do


As of 2022, Gartner places drones on the “plateau of productivity” in their Hype Cycle, when a new technology is considered ready for mainstream adoption and high growth. According to leading analysts, the total drone market value is forecasted to be USD 41.3 billion in 2026.

The exponential increase of drones used for inspections, mapping & surveying in sectors such as energy, logistics & transportation, agriculture, real estate, insurance, medical are driving market revenue growth, especially in the US and Europe.

The global number of drones reached 2 million in 2021 and is expected to increase to more than 6 million in a few years. This means many drones will need to operate in the same airspace. Especially the lower airspace over urban areas will become crowded and difficult to manage.

Companies want to use autonomous drones flying Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS). However, today's Air Traffic Control can not manage thousands of drone flights daily and without dedicated Air Traffic Control for drones. The drone industry cannot grow, and flights are restricted to segregated areas or corridors.


Skypuzzler provides Automated Tactical Deconfliction of drones. Our complex algorithm technology ensures flight safety and scalable use of autonomous drones.

The real-time system continuously monitors the airspace around the drone for other drones and airspace users. When a potential conflict is identified, the system immediately makes the necessary routing or height adjustments via instructions to the drone's control software. After these adjustments, the drone returns to its planned routing and destination. 

Skypuzzler’s technology ensures that the multi-billion-dollar drone industry can scale and reach its full potential. 

Executive Team

CEO and co-founder

Jesper Skou

COO and co-founder

Ronni Østergaard

CTO and co-founder

Morten Skov

Skypuzzler's team consists of air traffic controllers and computer scientists with more than 80 years of aviation experience, 30 years of experience within software development and more than 15 years of experience as subject-matter experts (SME) in Unmanned Traffic management, Advanced Air Mobility and autonomous drones and robots.

The team has a sharp focus on a digital world, enabling Advanced Air Mobility and U-space/UTM as trusted advisors and experts within the aviation, aerospace and drone (UAV) industry with a broad insight into legislative, technical, and aviation/safety-related aspects of UTM, autonomous drone and robot technology.

Throughout the years, the team has been part of several major European U-space/UTM projects, UTM implementations, SMEs in working groups in the European Commission (Mobility and Transport), SESAR Joint Undertaking (defining U-space) and CANSO (UTM task force).

With over 20 years of experience in C-level, various director positions and Executive MBAs from UK and US schools, the team contributes with high commitment and dedication to strategic business development, leadership and organizational development based on the commercial understanding of customers. The team is motivated by results created by business transformation with a focus on strategy, risks and digitalization using AI, drones and performance improvements.

Board of Directors


Frank Madsen


Stefan Karlen


Kenny Erleben

Frank has worked for almost 30 years as a transformation advisor and delivery partner, most recently with PA Consulting Group as senior partner and managing partner for the Danish office. In addition, he has been a board member of the Confederation of Danish Industry professional services for several years and has been used as a board advisor in many cases.

Today, Frank holds several board positions and is a speaker at Scandinavian Executive Institute/INSEAD in Strategic Change andTransformation Management. Frank is often a mentor for leaders and plays a proactive role in developing leaders to deliver sticking change.

Frank is passionate about transformation and change and how to approach complex issues and opportunities. Frank is working on a book where he shares his extensive experiences and viewpoints about business transformation.

Stefan is a unique global leader who has transformed the logistic industry with forward-thinking solutions and effected change with disruptive new digital technologies and innovations.

Most recently, Stefan has served as President and CEO of the Panalpina Group, one of the world's leading providers of supply chain solutions with revenues of over CHF 6 billion, 14,500 employees and offices in over 70 countries, and an agent network in another 90 countries.

Stefan is a motivating and inspiring leader with the ability to make sound and pragmatic decisions. He brings 25 years of international experience in P&L ownership, breaking into new markets, leading and managing M&As and successful integrations of the acquired companies, turnarounds, and cultural change.

Kenny is Head of the IMAGE Section, Department of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen. Kenny has more than 20 years of experience in computer graphics and simulation. He has worked with the game industry, hospitals, hardware manufacturers, and software providers for CAD/CAM.

His experiences range from management to software development and research, mathematical modelling, and numerical methods. Kenny likes collaborating with the industry, research projects, or as a consultant.

He is particularly interested in fundamental research in computer simulation and computer graphics and applied research with related industries. Specific focus areas are fundamental research in modelling and computing friction forces for applications in entertainment, digital prototyping of mechanical systems, training systems, and robotics, rapid biomechanical modelling for medical applications, and simulation of soft robotics dynamics for control by artificial intelligence.