Air Traffic

Industry Award-winner
revolutionising the Aviation Industry with
Digital Air Traffic Control for Drones

What we do

What we do

Skypuzzler's deep-tech software is designed to ensure a concept of "freeroute airspace for drones" to enable safe, efficient, and scalable operations for the industry. The software integrates into UTM solutions as a white-label product to provide a comprehensive UTM allowing the drones to fly safely and autonomously in the airspace without colliding with other drones, airspace users, and obstacles.

Trusted Advisors

Besides being a deep-tech software company, Skypuzzler is a trusted partner in implementing advanced air mobility, urban air mobility, U-space and UTM, focusing on the Common Information Service (CIS) and U-Space Service Provider (USSP) roles on strategic, operational, and technical levels.

About Skypuzzler

Skypuzzler is a pioneering, Award-winning Danish startup that aims to revolutionise the aviation industry by providing digital air traffic control for drones. Founded in January 2022 by a team of experienced air traffic controllers and computer scientists, Skypuzzler is dedicated to solving the "puzzle in the sky" to ensure flight safety and bring wealth and welfare to society.

Skypuzzler's technology enables the use of autonomous drones supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)
Skypuzzler has already demonstrated its commitment to revolutionising the aviation industry by winning the Air Traffic Management (ATM) Award in the category 'Shaping our future skies', making it the first startup to receive this award.
Skypuzzler's team combines expert knowledge in computer science and air traffic control, focusing on flight safety and efficiency. We have extensive industry experience in developing high-class reliable software leading to many first-of-class implementations that have guided the drone industry in Denmark. Besides experience from several major European U-space/UTM projects and implementations, we also have experience as SMEs in working groups in the European Commission (Mobility and Transport), SESAR Joint Undertaking (defining U-space), and CANSO (UTM task force).

Skypuzzler's management team consists of co-founders with over 20 years of experience in C-level, various director positions, and Executive MBAs from U.K. and U.S.schools. Experience also adds lead developer and manager for one of Denmark's foremost research and development outfits for drone software and interaction.

Co-founders and Executive team

Co-founder and CEO

Jesper Skou

Co-founder and COO

Ronni Østergaard

Co-founder and CTO

Morten Skov

Jesper is an Air Traffic Controller and holds an e-MBA. Jesper has over 30 years of aviation experience and 15 years on C-level as CEO and COO, working 15 years abroad in large companies in Europe (Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland) and the Middle East(UAE).

Jesper has worked for the European Commission (DG MOVE) within U-space and UTM.

Ronni is an Air Traffic Controller and holds an e-MBA. Ronni has more than 20 years of aviation experience and 8 years within the Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) industry as a Subject Matter Expert.

Within the last 5 years, he has worked in start-ups, executed turnarounds and held several director positions within business development and sales.

Morten holds an MSc in Computer Scienceand has more than 12 years of industry experience developing reliable softwarealigned with user needs, best practices, and the newest technology.

Morten has been the lead developer andmanager for one of the foremost research and development outfits for dronesoftware and interaction. It has led to many first-of-class implementations that have guided the ways for the industry in Denmark.

Board of Directors


Frank Madsen


Stefan Karlen


Kenny Erleben

Frank is a highly experienced transformation advisor and delivery partner, with almost 30 years of expertise in the field. He has held various leadership positions, including senior partner and managing partner for the Danish office at PA Consulting Group.

Frank currently holds multiple board positions and is a speaker at Scandinavian Executive Institute/INSEAD, where he mentors leaders in strategic change and transformation management.

He is passionate about tackling complex issues and opportunities and is currently working on a book that shares his insights on business transformation.

Stefan is a visionary global leader who has revolutionized the logistics industry with innovative solutions and disruptive digital technologies.

As the President and CEO of the Panalpina Group, he has transformed the company into one of the world's leading providers of supply chain solutions, with operations in over 70 countries and revenues exceeding CHF 6 billion.

Stefan is an inspiring leader with 25 years of experience in P&L ownership, market penetration, M&A, turnaround management, and cultural change. He has a pragmatic approach to decision-making and motivates his team to achieve success.

Kenny is a professor and the Head of the IMAGE Section at the Department of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen. With over 20 years of experience in computer graphics and simulation, he has collaborated with various industries, including gaming, hospitals, hardware manufacturers, and software providers for CAD/CAM.

Kenny's expertise ranges from management and software development to research in mathematical modelling and numerical methods. He enjoys collaborating with the industry as a consultant or for research projects.
Kenny's research interests include fundamental and applied research in computer simulation, soft robotics dynamics, and AI control.


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