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Empowering the Future of Drone Services

Empowering the future of drone services

Imagine a puzzle in the sky where drones must navigate complex airspace without colliding with other drones or objects to offer their services to society. Skypuzzler’s integrated Digital Air Traffic Control (iDATC) enables drones to fly safely and autonomously by providing clear paths and instructions through software-to-software communication without extra equipment to be installed on the drones.

As the drone industry grows, there is a rising concern about flight safety and increasing demand for scalability to fly drones Beyond Visual Line Of Sight (BVLOS) to ensure business viability. To meet these concerns and demands, advanced Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) systems are crucial to ensure flight safety and scalable operations.

Skypuzzler’s iDATC, is an integrated module to advance UTM systems, enabling the UTM systems to manage the complexities of all drone operation scenarios safely and efficiently.

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Developed by air traffic controllers with flight safety embedded in their DNA and experienced computer scientists rooted in deep tech.

Recognised Award Winner

CASSINI Challenges 2024

Skypuzzler has proudly secured the Product Track Prize of the European Union Agency for the Space Programme’s (EUSPA) CASSINI Challenges.

Air Traffic Management Award 2022

Skypuzzler has already demonstrated its commitment to revolutionising the aviation industry by winning the Air Traffic Management (ATM) Award in the category ‘Shaping our future skies’, making it the first startup to receive this award.

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