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Digital Air Traffic Control for Drones

A service for Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) systems

Skypuzzler’s integrated Digital Air Traffic Control (iDATC) is an add-on module to UTM systems, providing tactical deconfliction in real-time and with a holistic traffic view to foresee and mitigate potential conflicts from a tactical perspective enabling drones to fly Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) safely and autonomously from point to point.

Holistic Traffic View

iDATC utilises real-time data, such as flight plans, tracking, weather, and other information from the UTM system, ensuring unparalleled flight safety and efficiency.

Separation minima

iDATC facilitates adjustable separation minima, empowering performance-based navigation in congested areas or defined by regulatory bodies.

Flight Priority

iDATC facilitates adjustable priority parameters based on mission type, emergency status or defined by regulatory bodies.

Green Profile

iDATC’s green profile aims to extend flight endurance, minimise environmental impact, and support the industry’s focus on building sustainable, viable businesses.

Tactical Deconfliction

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Tactical deconfliction is all about real-time responses and adaptability. iDATC’s tactical measures involve real-time analysis to address potential and immediate challenges and dynamically adjust the drone’s flight paths, speeds, or altitudes to resolve conflicts and avoid possible collisions. iDATC facilitates adjustable separation minima and priority parameters based on mission type, emergency status or defined by regulatory bodies.

iDATC provides unparalleled opportunities for drones to offer services in a dynamic environment with minimum constraints.

Technical Aspects

iDATC is driven by advanced mathematical algorithms that work in real-time. It allows human interaction and interference and thus complies with the high flight safety standards required by regulatory authorities.

iDATC is available via cloud- and on-premise-based installations and handles compatibility with various drone modalities, facilitating integration with all kinds of drone types.

Security is a top priority, with iDATC incorporating industry-leading protocols such as OAuth2 via a RESTful API to safeguard data integrity at every level.

The Global Air Traffic Management Operational Concept (ICAO Doc 9854) states that conflict management consists of three layers:

  • Strategic deconfliction,
  • Tactical deconfliction, 
  • Collision avoidance (DAA).

Applying principles from traditional aviation to drone conflict management is vital for scalability and maintaining a high flight safety standard to avoid risk of collisions.

It is essential to clarify that Detect-and-Avoid (DAA) is the last safety barrier and collision avoidance function, distinct from tactical deconfliction. Relying solely on DAA will be the same as removing air traffic controllers in traditional aviation.

Tactical deconfliction requires an automated solution based on advanced algorithms working in real-time with a holistic traffic view, especially in high-density traffic situations and complex traffic patterns.

Skypuzzler’s iDATC is developed by air traffic controllers with flight safety embedded in their DNA and experienced computer scientists rooted in deep tech; iDATC represents a new era in UTM systems. With iDATC, you will witness a transformation in your operations, enhancing flight safety, efficiency, and reliability, ensuring your operations reach new heights.

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Ronni Winkler Østergaard

COO & Co-founder.